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The buddha matrix is us and everything around us. ‘Buddha’ means ‘awakened’ or ‘enlightened’. It is the name given to the man who lived in 5th century BCE India who discovered a state of complete and unshakeable peace, which he then spent the rest of his life teaching others how to reach.

In every experience we have, in every moment of every day, there is the possibility of waking up to a deeper, richer awareness of ourselves and the world we live in, of awakening to this state of complete peace. We may not know it, it may seem so completely out of reach, but in reality we live in the buddha matrix…

At buddhamatrix our intention is to offer a perspective and practical guidance on how we can turn this possibility into our reality. The practices we share can help anyone, regardless of beliefs.

Buddhamatrix is currently Jonny Baker. Soon to be joined by other guides.

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